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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No longer working at the airbag inflator company!

I know it has been weeks since I last pasted anything here and I apologize to the couple of you that still come around to see what's up. The good news is, I've started a new job, today, back in the aerospace industry and while it won't be exciting work, it is good paying work. It's a 220% increase from my Autoliv production work so I can't kick about that.

I'm not kicking at all, actually. I'm happy. Relieved even. It will be day shift, 1/2 the distance to commute and I can arrange my hours to either take off every other Friday or every Friday... Yeah, that's gonna be a tough decision!

But it is fall and I have been busy getting ready for winter. It always seems there is so much to do and not enough houors to get it done. Fish Slayer has been cleaned up and is ready to be covered for the winter but the shrink wrap cover I saved from last year isn't going to work for reuse like I expected. I may have to cough up the cash to have it wrapped again this year. The swamp cooler has been drained and covered and the Halloween decorations are in the front yard. Most of the hoses have been put away and the rasberry bushes have been cut back.

I have been giving serious thought about how to get this tiny little blog re-motivated and pointed in a new direction. It's about time I get off of the occasional updates about my own life and start mentioning many of the dumbass things I see going on in politics and other subjects. I'm going to have to figure out how much to say about what I see going on around me but at least now I can do so without fearing that a potential employer might stumble upon this blog and decide not to hire me because of my pubished opinions.

Stayed tuned!

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